HSSC Job opportunity for Accountant, Restorer, Salesman & Other posts (943) – 2016

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HSSC Job opportunity for Accountant, Restorer, Salesman & Other posts (943) – 2016

HSSC Job opportunity – HSSC (Haryana Staff Selection Commission)  – HSSC has announced employment opportunity for Accountant, Restorer, Salesman & Other posts

HSSC Job opportunity employment recruitment Job opportunity – Accountant, Restorer, Salesman & Other posts are existing in HSSC (Haryana Staff Selection Commission)

HSSC (Haryana Staff Selection Commission)  – Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for Accountant, Restorer, Salesman & Other posts

Please find below for more necessary details like Age limit, educational qualification, Scale of pay, Last date, Selection method and application fee details etc., related to HSSC Job opportunity


HSSC Job opportunity Recruitment Details:

Name of the Post : Industries and Commerce Department

Number of vacancies

Laboratory Assistant-13  vacancies

(GEN=4, SC=1, BCA=1, BCB=1, EBPG=1, ESM-GEN=1, ESM-SC=1, ESM-BCA=1, ESM-BCB=1, OSP-SC=1)

Industrial Extension Officer– 34 vacancies

(GEN=11, SC=5, BCA=3, BCB=3, EBPG=4, ESM-GEN=3, ESMSC=1, ESM-BCA=1, ESM-BCB=1, OSP-SC=1, OSP=BCA=1)

Technical Assistant(Chemical)– 5 vacancies

(GEN=1, SC=1, BCA=1, BCB=1, ESM-GEN=1)

Legal Assistant at Headquarter-6 vacancies

(GEN=3, SC=1, BCA=1, EBPG=1)

Industrial Extension Officer at Headquarter-9 vacancies

(GEN=3, SC=2, BCA=1, BCB=1, EBPG=1, ESM-BCA=1)

Legal Assistant at District Industries Centres-19 vacancies

(GEN=6, SC=3, BCA=2, BCB=2, EBPG=2, ESM-GEN=2, ESM-SC=1, ESM-BCA=1)

Operator Grade –II– 9 vacancies

(GEN=3, SC=1, BCB=1, EBPG=1, ESM-GEN=1, ESM-SC=1, ESMBCA=1)

Technical Assistant (Mechanical)-1 (for the BCB Category only)

Operator Grade –I– 2 vacancies

(BCB=1, ESM-GEN=1)

Urban Local Bodies, Department

Accountant-35 vacancies

(GEN=11, SC=6, BCA=4, BCB=3, EBPG=4, ESM GEN=2, ESM-SC=1,

Sanitary Inspector-11 vacancies

(GEN=8, SC=1, BCA=1, BCB=1)

Librarian– (GEN=2 vacancies

Building Inspector-  10 vacancies

(GEN=7, SC=1, EBPG=2)

Light Inspector–  (GEN=4 vacancies

Draftsman– (Gen-4 vacancies

Electrician– (Gen-4 vacancies

Food & Drugs (Admn.)Haryana

Chemist –  09 vacancies

(GEN=1, SC=01, BCA=2, EBPG=2, ESM-GEN=1, ESM-SC=1, ESMBCA=1)

Laboratory Attendant– 09 vacancies

(SC=2, BCA=2, EBPG=1, ESM-GEN=1, ESM-SC=1, ESM-BCA=1, OSP-SC=1)

Fisheries Department, Haryana

Marketing Assistant– (for General Category Only)

Law & Legislative Department

Senior Librarian– (for General Category Only)

Archeology & Museums

Technical Assistant– 04 vacancies

(GEN=2, SC=1, EBPG=1)

Architecture, Haryana, Chandigarh

Architectural Assistant– 03 vacancies

(GEN=1, SC=1, EBPG=1)

Modular Senior Draftsman-1 vacancy for General Category Only

Junior Draftsman- 04 vacancies

(GEN=1, SC=1, BCA=1, ESM-SC=1)

Assistant Draftsman– 09 vacancies

(GEN=2, SC=2, BCA=2, BCB=1, EBPG=1, ESM-GEN=1)

Ayush Department

Lecturer (Physical Education)– 1 vacancy for General Category Only

Lecturer (Sanskrit)– 1 vacancy for General Category Only

Agriculture Department

Junior Scientific Assistant-75 vacancies

(GEN=19, SC=11, BCA=13, BCB=8, EBPG=9, ESM-GEN=5, ESMSC=2, ESM-BCA=3, ESM-BCB=3, OSP-SC=1, OSP-BCA=1)

Tracer – 40 vacancies

(GEN=9, SC=7, BCA=5, BCB=4, EBPG=3, ESM-GEN=3, ESM-SC=2, ESM-BCA=3, ESM-BCB=2, OSP-SC=1, OSP-BCA=1)

Junior Engineer (Civil)– 02 vacancies


Draftsman-01 vacancy for EBPG Category Only

Mechanic- 04 vacancies

(SC=2, EBPG=2)

Lab Assistant-01  vacancy for EBPG Category Only

Mason –7 vacancies

(SC=2, EBPG=3, ESM-SC=1, OSP-SC=1)

Surveyor-19 vacancies

(GEN=6, SC=1, BCA=2, BCB=2, EBPG=3, ESM-SC=1, ESM-BCA=1, ESM-BCB=2, OSP-BCB=1)

Agriculture Inspector-59 vacancies

(GEN=19, SC=8, BCA=9, BCB=3, EBPG=7, ESM-GEN=6, ESM-SC=2, ESM-BCA=1, ESM-BCB=1, OSP-GEN=1, OSP-SC=1, OSP-BCA=1)

Agriculture Inspector (Soil Conservation)– 99 vacancies

(GEN=11, SC=20, BCA=16, BCB=14, EBPG=15, ESM-GEN=11, ESMSC=3, ESM-BCA=1, ESM-BCB=4, OSP-GEN=2, OSP-SC=1, OSPBCA=1)

Higher Education Haryana

Junior Librarian– 49 vacancies

(GEN =19, SC =08, BC-A = 05, BC-B =03, EBPG =05, ESM GEN=03, ESM SC=01, ESM BCA=02, ESM BCB=01, OSP SC =1, OSP-BCA=01)

Restorer– 68 vacancies

(GEN =26, SC =13, BC-A = 09, BC-B =06, EBPG =01, ESM GEN=04, ESM SC=02, ESM BCA=01, ESM BCB=03, OSP SC =1, OSP-BCA=02)

Haryana Seeds Development Corporation Limited

Assistant Seed Production Officer–14  vacancies

(GEN=01, SC=07, BCA =02, BCB =03, EBPG =01)

Salesman– 43 vacancies

(GEN=16, SC=09, BCA =06, BCB =04, EBPG=06, ESM –BCA =01, ESM –BCB =01)

Accounts Clerk-7 vacancies

(GEN=02, SC=02, BCA =01, BCB =01, EBPG=01)

Electrician-01 vacancy for SC Category Only

Junior Mechanic.-5 vacancies

(GEN=02, SC=02, EBPG=01)

Hafed, Haryana

Accountants :46 vacancies

(GEN =16, SC =04, BC-A = 06, BC-B =02, EBPG =05, ESM GEN=05, ESM BCA=04, ESM BCB=04) Total Post = 46, PHCOH=1, HH=1)

Assistant Seed Production Officer-4 vacancies

(GEN =03, EBPG =01)

Executive Assistant-2 vacancies

(GEN =02)

Programmer/AGM (Programming).-01 vacancy for GEN Category Only)

Network Supervisor-4  vacancies

(GEN=01, BCB=01, ESM-SC=01, OSP-SC=01)

Seed Production Officer-2 vacancies for GEN=02

Marketing Officer-15  vacancies

(GEN=05, SC=03, BCA=02, BCB=01, EBPG=02, ESM-GEN=02)

Steno-Typist.-26  vacancies

(GEN = 09, SC = 03, BCA = 03, BCB = 02, EBPG = 03, ESM-Gen = 02, ESM-SC = 01, ESM-BCA = 01, ESM-BCB = 01, OSP-SC = 01)

Lab Assistant-vacancies

(GEN = 03, EBPG = 01

Technical Officer (Storage)-11  vacancies

(SC=04, BCA=01, EBPG=01, ESM-SC=01, ESM-BCA=01, ESMBCB=01, OSP-SC=01, OSP-BCA=01

Operator-cum-Mechanic-22 vacancies

(GEN = 08, SC=03, BCA=03, BCB=02, EBPG = 03, ESM-GEN=02, ESM-SC=01)

Field Inspector (Store)-55 vacancies

(GEN = 08, SC = 08, BCA = 12, BCB = 05, EBPG = 06, ESM-Gen = 09, ESM-SC = 01, ESM-BCA = 02, ESM-BCB = 02, OSP-SC = 01, OSP-BCA = 01)


Senior Scientific Assistant (Scene of Crime)-vacancies

(GEN = 04, SC = 01, BCA = 1)

Senior Scientific Assistant (Biology)– 2  vacancies

(GEN = 02)

Senior Scientific Assistant (Serology)-2 vacancies

(GEN = 02)

Senior Scientific Assistant-6 vacancies

(GEN = 04, SC=1, BCA=1)

Senior Scientific Assistant-3 vacancies

(GEN = 03)

Scientific Assistant (Chemistry)-3 vacancies

(GEN = 03)

Scientific Assistant (Ballistics).-2 vacancies

(GEN = 02)

Scientific Assistant (Biology) -8 vacancies

(GEN = 06, SC=1, BCA=1)

Scientific Assistant (Scene of Crime).-3  vacancies

(GEN = 03)

Scientific Assistant (Serology).-2 vacancies

(GEN = 02)

Laboratory Assistant (Serology)-2 vacancies

(GEN = 02)

Laboratory Assistant (Biology).-3 vacancies

(GEN = 03)

Laboratory Assistant (Documents).-3 vacancies

(GEN = 03)

Dark Room Attendant-1 vacancies

(GEN = 01)

Required Age Limit for HSSC Job Opportunity : Should be above 17 years and below 42 Years

Required educational Qualification for HSSC Job Opportunity :  Refer notification for more details for each & every post)

Details of Last Date for submitting Application : 11th January 2017 (11/01/2017)

Details of applying method to HSSC Job Opportunity : All Interested and eligible candidates may apply online on or before 11/01/2017 (11th January 2017)

Please check the notification below for more details of HSSC Job Opportunity employment recruitment

Please click here for Advertisement details about HSSC (Haryana Staff Selection Commission) 

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